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Syntergy, a SkySync Elite Partner, uses the SkySync platform to liberate content from the boundaries that confine your business operations. SkySync enables global administrative IT control over all of your storage integration and file transfer operations; whether it’s localized, remote offices, user desktops or a cloud service.

The platform dramatically reduces IT complexity, enabling simplified governance management while seamlessly empowering your workforce with the content they require, no matter where it’s stored.

SkySync is purpose-built to provide boundless enterprise content integration possibilities. Its 100% open and highly-scalable architecture enables enterprises to easily meet evolving technology and user demands – no matter how complex.

Via a highly advanced web interface, SkySync system administrators can integrate systems, control interactions or behaviors – or even create and control end-user experiences for advanced self-service capabilities.

The SkySync platform is trusted by over 3,000 companies across the globe including, The World Bank, Dell, AstraZeneca, MGM Resorts, Cox, and Mattel.

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Use Cases

  • Content delivery to and from HQ to branch offices, ship, rig, or remote location Cloud Service
  • Synchronize or copy content for critical operations centers
  • Merger & Acquisition collaboration using a Cloud Service and On-Premise OpenText Content Suite
  • Smaller deployments of Cloud Services (departmental or project oriented) that need to be synchronized with or migrated to a company’s primary ECM implementation
  • Assured, instant distribution of compliance documentation via Cloud Service
  • Requirement to address WAN bandwidth, latency and reliability issues
  • Rapid access to large documents over a slow network
  • Selective delivery of content by location, in compliance with policies restricting regional information storage and access
  • Customer, Supplier or Partner access & collaboration of content via a Cloud Service integrated with OpenText Content Suite
  • Create read-only Cloud Service replicas of OpenText Content Suite

Key Benefits

  • Migrate and sync with zero impact to users or existing operations with SkySync’s “continuous copy” mode
  • Move, sync, analyze, integrate and control content at scale
  • True, bi-directional hybrid synchronization
  • Advanced storage system interrogation, analysis & file transfer simulation
  • IT-controlled user self-service opt-in, job monitoring and flagged file repair
  • File transfer speeds up to 30+ terabytes/day per server cluster
  • Architected to scale to petabytes of content and billions of files
  • Information is continually updated, ensuring that all users have access to the most current versions at all times
  • Global collaboration with fast access to locally stored content
  • Replicate selective or the entire content of the system
Component Requirement
  • All standard browsers
  • Linux®, Windows® and MAC-OS®
  • PostgreSQL (Built-in)
  • Oracle®
  • SQL Server®
  • SQL Express®
  • MySQL®
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